Today, Friday 25 November, we once again remember our colleagues in Corrective Services who have tragically fallen while serving the community.

This day, and the Remembrance Ride, commemorates the Correctional Officers and supporting staff who are employed in one of the most difficult and dangerous workplaces in the community.

Every Correctional Officer should be able to go to work each day and know that they will return to their families and loved ones safely. However, in this line of work, that’s never a guarantee.

Too often our members are required to deal with unpredictable and dangerous situations with inadequate staff-to-inmate ratios and workers’ compensation provisions that do not come close to matching the risks we face.

Remembrance Day gives us time to thank all Officers who protect and serve the people of NSW.

Nicole Jess
PSA/CPSU NSW President
Prison Officers Vocational Branch Chairperson

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